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This site is for the fisherman who doesn't have the time to spend days on end at the river with nothing to show for it. Someone who can't drive four hours, just to fish for the same amount of time. The fisherman, who wants to stop on his way home from work, for an hour, and limit out! This site is about HOW TO MASTER YOUR LOCAL RIVER.

coho salmon pictureI started fishing my local river during a historic pink salmon run. I knew nothing about Salmon Run Timing, Drift Fishing, or anything salmon related; but everyone was going, so I joined in, and got hooked!
My local river (about ten minutes away) is by no means the fishing capitol of the world; in fact it would be looked at as quite the contrary, but; pink, coho, chinook, and chum, all run in my river.
I liked being ten minutes away from any type of salmon I desired, but I realized I would have to put in my time, if I wanted my trips to be productive. I must say, I borrowed pretty near all the info that catapulted my learning curve, and allowed me to master my river within a three year period, and I am grateful!

When I go fishing, I know for a fact, that there are fish where I'm going, and I know wether they'll be on the bite or not..... How do I know? I explain in detail exactly how I mastered my local river, and more importantly, how you can master yours in a 2-3 year period, and start catching fish today!

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