This website was created as a resource, for a home school extension class given to students ranging in ages from 12-18 years.

The main resource for the class is a message from Jim Durkin entitled "God's Plan of Prosperity." On this message, a Godly plan concerning money, and a proper way to think about prosperity is laid out.

"Without God's principles, and the application of them, there can be no real prosperity......Prosperity has nothing to do with getting rich. Prosperity has nothing to do with accumulating money, to spend on various things that you may want to spend it on. Prosperity has to do with producing in you the means of giving." Jim Durkin (God's Plan for Prosperity)


Class of 2014-2015

The first rule of managing money: "You have
to have money in order to manage it."

We are starting a new contest Feb 23rd. The contest will conclude on April 20th.

Contest rules